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Outstanding Client Support Services

Breiz Technologies was established to address the changing profile of modern Data Centres and the people tasked with managing them.  Our staff has sustained experience in datacentre logistics, design and installation along with strong procurement methods.

None of us stops learning and we embrace the continual development of the industry.  Breiz continually evolves as our clients are mandated to adopt these changes and we have to support our clients.  Our biggest challenge is to stay ahead of what is needed to meet the ever-increasing demands for bandwidth, space and power meaning we need to work ever harder with both our clients and suppliers to ensure that we maintain the strong ratio of result to input.  Like most companies, we have exacting standards and need everyone within Breiz to meet those standards and to make life as easy as we can for our clients, which extend across Europe and the UK.

We endeavour to keep communication within tight boundaries, so that information is gathered and distributed as succinctly as possible.  Ask about our “One-Email” principle.

Product Handling Service

We use our own experience with materials to identify parts that we have confidence in, and negotiate prices that represent excellent value for our clients. We also buy in quantities that make life easy for our suppliers to get the best supply rates. Equally, we understand the frustration of having to go to multiple suppliers for basic shopping lists. Ask about our “Handling Service” and let us kit your list.

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Installation, Relocation & Clearance

Installation, relocation and clearance work is carried out with experienced project managers and we always quote, never estimate. We have experienced the frustration of accepting a price, only to find that the price changes as the work gets underway. We can’t do this to our clients, and don’t. We don’t pretend to be the cheapest, but we expect to be the least expensive.

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